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If you own a retail business then you understand how important it is to have windows that are clean and smudge free. This can actually be a deciding factor for customers who are shopping and may want to come into your shop.

Offices can also benefit from a good window cleaning service because the clients and employees will benefit from having a clean environment. City of London Cleaners use a variety of cleaning methods to ensure that your windows are left completely clean.

Professional Window Cleaners For Sparkling Windows

By using these methods, our professional cleaners will make sure that your windows, especially storefront windows, will look so clear that window shoppers will feel like they could just touch what you have on display by reaching through the window. In addition, the interior lights will be able to shine through to show that you are indeed open for business. Our methods are:

  • Microfiber cloth – This cloth makes cleaning easy and quick and there is no need for a bucket. We just spray the cleaning solution on the window and wipe it with the microfiber cloth. The fibres are great for wiping the window and leave it without any streaks or lint for that matter.
  • Squeegee – This method of cleaning requires that you use a squeegee and use only horizontal strokes from the top. After that, wipe the squeegee clean and then pull down starting with the part that is dry.

Our window cleaning services are offered at affordable cleaning prices and you will find that the cleaning job will be to your liking.

If you want to hire our window cleaners contact us now on 020 3322 7165 and request a quote!

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