Terms and Conditions

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City of London Cleaners endeavour to provide a service that is professional in every way. As with every other business there are terms and conditions that come with the service provision as follows:

  • Any cancellation on the day of the cleaning will result in a cancellation fee as stipulated by the cleaning company.
  • If the cancellation does not lead to a rescheduling in 7 days after the prior cleaning date, there will be an additional fee to initial quotation depending on how long it will have been since the previous clean.
  • If the period since we were at your house last exceeds 8 weeks, the cleaning prices will be based on an hourly rate when we come out next.
  • If there are any problems that are related to the cleaning services provided to you, you will need to report them in fourty eight hours after the cleaning. Once the 48 hour period is over we will not be able to remedy the issue.
  • The payment will be due before the cleaning commences.
  • Once we agree on the way that we shall get into your home, this could be a garage code, a key or an unlocked door, and we find that we cannot enter your home for a reason that is not our fault, there will be a fee charged for the lock out.
  • If you pay us by cheque and it is not honoured by the bank, a fee will apply.
  • All customers coming on board with us for the first time will be required to provide a credit card number that we will keep on file, even if the preferred mode of payment is different.
  • If your home or office that needs cleaning is beyond our established radius for service provision there will be an additional fee for the first cleaning session.

If you want to find more about our cleaning company, please contact us on 020 3322 7165.

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