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Collection of personal information

When you visit our website the server will store your IP address and Domain name. That way anytime you log in, your information will be recalled from the last interaction. It is possible for you to block this from happening on your browser. The IP address and Domain name may also be linked to your email address, phone number and home address. This information is only used for internal review. We will also use it to customize the information we provide on our website and to let our clients know of any updates or special offers we may have via email.

Discretionary Information

The mandatory information required on the forms on this site includes your name, email address, postal address and your phone number. You will also be asked to tell us the cleaning services you are interested in. This information is provided by you at your discretion even though it is required information.

Respect of Privacy

The information you have provided will not be shared with any other organizations. We take your privacy seriously and respect it. On certain occasions we will send an email of various updates to those who have visited our website, however, if you are not interested in receiving the said emails there will be an opt out option available to you. By providing us with your information, you are in effect consenting to what has been described here. Should you not want to consent to the above we ask that:

  • Where available you opt out
  • Use blocking technology on your browser to stop the recognition of your IP address and domain recognition
  • Opt not to provide you information


We will do our very best to protect the information you trust us with, but on the Internet, one is not able to guarantee 100% security. As such, we cannot warrant that the information you in put online is 100% secure.

If you want any other details about City of London Cleaners or our cleaning prices, please call us on 020 3322 7165.

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