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There are several things that are taken into consideration when a client requests a price quote. The pricing is based on how big the room is in square feet as well as how often you would like to have the room cleaned. With this information we can give you an estimate of what the pricing will be.

Cleaning prices then vary from one home to the other depending on the size of the room and the work to be done. Other considerations include pets, small kids and how many are living in the home. Our pricing is still quite competitive.

Rates To Suit Your Budget

When it comes to cleaning offices we take the same factors into account and add in the number of employees working in the said office. This is a crucial part of the calculation because each employee translates to a workstation that needs our attention as well as trashcans that need emptying. Another variable is the floor that you have at the office. The pricing for wooden floors is different than that of carpeted floors because the process of cleaning is different.

Wooden floors will require more than one mop and then polish while carpeted floors will simply need to be vacuumed regularly. Partitioned offices also provide an additional element to pricing because the partitioning will need to be cleaned. The fact that all these things are considered in our pricing should be an indicator to you that we take office cleaning very seriously and do our job thoroughly.

Weekly Domestic Cleaning

£17.00/ hour
  • 2 hours or more

Fortnightly House Cleaning

£17.00/ hour
  • 3 hours or more

One-Off Spring Cleaning

£20.00/ hour
  • 5 hours, minimum

After Builders Cleaning Service

£20.00/ hour
  • 5 hours, minimum

We have done our best to ensure that our pricing is competitive in comparison to other service providers in our industry. Once you request a quote City of London Cleaners will give you a working estimate. However, if you would like a more accurate quote our cleaning company will be happy to see the place and provide one.

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